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The Role of A Lifestyle Director in a 55 Plus Community

January 31, 2023
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Although 55 communities in Utah have the aim of peaceful living in a resort-style atmosphere, they also provide you with the opportunity of engaging with local community members, taking part in special events and activities, and making a lot of new friends. The person in charge of helping to make that happen is the lifestyle director.


One of the key responsibilities of a lifestyle director is to coordinate and organize special events and outings, as well as activities such as art classes, cooking classes, and sporting activities.


Lifestyle directors also make sure the community stays vibrant, and that complaints and problems are promptly dealt with. They help ensure the needs and desires of the entire community are met regarding special events and activities.


Finally, lifestyle directors also have the task of keeping the community engaged with new and exciting things, welcoming new members, and maintaining the highest level of comfort and fun.  Check out some of the fun activities and wonderful homes with the 55 plus community at