5 Ideas to Simplify Your Spring Cleaning

April 16, 2019
Spring Cleaning Couple

It’s spring cleaning season! If you’re like most adults, you’re ready to throw open the doors and windows while praying that a magic breeze swoops in and blows all the dirt and grime out of your house. that same gust could declutter your house in the process? Unfortunately no magic spells can save you, but here are some simple cleaning steps that could motivate you to take on even bigger projects.

Stomp Out Carpet Stains

Although it may sound like a kind of Irish stepdance, this is actually just an easy way to get pet or food stains out of your nicest rugs. Instead of getting on your knees to scrub your carpet, use Stomp ‘N Go stain lifting pads. You simply stomp the pads down on your carpet and watch as the stains disappear. Who knew cleaning floors could turn into such a good time?

Zap a Dirty Microwave

Cleaning the inside of a microwave can be so tedious, but you can make it less of a pain by cooking sliced lemons in a bowl of water for 3-5 minutes. Let it sit for a few minutes to steam and then when you open the door you should be able to wipe off all the gunk with a paper towel.

Just Toss it in the Dishwasher

Don’t underestimate your dishwasher — it can clean more than you realize. While you should never put wooden pieces, cast iron pans, or copper items in a dishwasher, there are plenty of other kitchen items you can throw in there to make your clean-up so much easier. Kitchen sponges, exhaust fan filters, silicone oven mitts, switch plate covers, refrigerator shelves and bins, cabinet hardware, and more can all go in the dishwasher. Bam. Done.

Just Throw it in the Washing Machine

Speaking of underestimating an appliance, don’t overlook your washing machine either! Save time and money by tossing everything from shower curtain liners and bed pillows to patio chair cushions and car mats into your washing machine. Even items labeled “hand wash only” can often be washed in a mesh bag on the delicate cycle. Just be sure to check manufacturer instructions.

Sanitize Your Humidifier

When you live in a dry climate and regularly use a humidifier, it’s imperative that you clean it regularly. The water in these appliances is an easy place for mold and microbes to grow and nobody wants to be breathing those in! Here are easy-to-follow steps for cleaning and disinfecting a humidifier — make sure you check the owner’s manual because some brands have parts that you can simply toss in the dishwasher!

When you simplify some of the steps, spring cleaning doesn’t seem so overwhelming. And when you own a gorgeous home in an OakwoodLife community, you’ll want to spend less time worrying about upkeep and more time living your life your way. If you have any of your own quick and easy spring cleaning tips, please pass them along — we’d love to hear them!