Warranty Services

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Your new home is a product of excellent architecture combined with skilled workmanship and quality materials. We are justifiably proud of your new home and feel our emphasis on quality will provide you a home of increasing value and enjoyment through the years.


It is important to understand what is included and not included in the Oakwood Limited Warranty. Oakwood Homes provides you with the Home Builder’s Limited Warranty on your home, covering construction defects. In an effort to make things as clear as possible, and consistent with all of our homeowners, please refer to your copy of the Home Builder’s Limited Warranty booklet located in the Homeowner Guidebook. Additionally, specific Performance Standards were provided at the time of contract that clearly outline what the area of concern is, what action is required, or if the area of concern is considered typical homeowner maintenance. Please review these Performance Standards prior to making any requests for service.


To submit a warranty request for service, please complete the form in its entirety.