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Active Adult Communities in Denver: What to Expect from Community Trails

September 14, 2022
OakwoodLife Adult Communities 55 Plus

If you have started to explore different senior living options, you have probably run across the term “active adult community”. Many active adult communities in Denver have homes for sale designed specifically for ages 55 and older.

These communities make it easy for residents to enjoy everyday life. In a 55 plus community, you can do just that while still enjoying an active and social lifestyle. Homeowners benefit from less home maintenance, as well as living spaces, which are easier to care for, yet impressive to live in. It can be nice to simplify after years of working hard and often raising a family.

In a 55 plus community, you are likely to have neighbors with similar interests, considering that they are at similar stages in life.  Neighborhoods are semi-retirement and retirement friendly, being generally quiet, and often situated near local attractions, which makes it easy to find things to do.

There are many different amenities provided by active adult communities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, pickleball courts, bocce ball courts, and everyone’s favorite amenity, the community trails.

One of the best and most popular amenities in active adult communities is a comprehensive community trail system. OakwoodLife trail systems are comprised of uniquely named and branded trails that merge, so new combinations of trails can create diversity for active adults’ hiking experience. Trailhead signage with maps employ symbols and colors depicting the trail, as will the corresponding mile markers, and are clearly identified on all community trail maps. Trails have different surfaces, widths, and inclines to accommodate the variety of outside trail activities from walking to jogging to bicycling, and to be able to walk your dogs on the trails as well. Varied trail surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, crushed gravel, rubberized jogging tracks, and wood walkways create a more interesting journey and increase concentration and balance.

Trails promote fitness goals and have destinations where members can meet and congregate. Many destination areas include outdoor stretching equipment, picnic areas, dog parks, gardens, open turf areas, and shaded benches and hammocks.  Trails in 55+ Active Adult communities are built to incorporate the filtered light of tree canopies and along water, whether a brook, pond, or lake whenever possible.  OakwoodLife trail systems are more interesting because they are designed with winding paths, gentle hills, enchanting valleys, and peaceful boardwalks.

Additionally, residents can find various social opportunities through clubs, volunteer groups and events.  So why not meet up on the community trails and talk about your next opportunity?