Apps for Active Adults

August 14, 2018
Tech Couple

High-tech gadgetry and phone applications aren’t just for teenagers and millennials. Case in point – 42% of adults over 65 in the U.S. own a smartphone these days. Granted, most of the apps and gadgets available are targeted to the younger generations, but you’ll find plenty of apps that offer helpful tools for older adults.

We’ve sorted out a list for both Android and iPhone that provide security, connectivity, and even a little entertainment. If you need help getting these apps set up on your phone or tablet, ask your grandchildren for help. That’s what they’re for, right?

For iPhone, iPad, and Android
If you have family members scattered around the U.S. or even the world, it could cost hundreds of dollars to stay in touch with phone calls and texts. Skype allows you to make long-distance calls, send messages, and enjoy face-to-face video conferencing.

Oscar Senior
For iPhone, iPad, and Android
If you prefer to stay in touch with family members through social media but you’re not a fan of Facebook, Oscar Senior connects through video, text, calling, and seamless photo sharing. You’ll work with a simple interface with large prompts and prints for easy browsing. And this app is very secure – it claims to protect from scams, unauthorized pop-ups, and uncalled-for alerts.

For iPhone and iPod Touch
Are you always setting your prescription pills and/or supplements out on the counter to help you remember to take them every morning? This useful app ensures you never forget your daily dose again. Set your scheduled time, customize your pills by color, and let the app send you reminders.

For iPhone, iPad, and Android
Now you can get worldwide news and listen to your favorite NPR programs on the go. Even search the NPR archives for interviews from previous years. This concise, easy-to-use app allows you to stay up on current events and relevant stories.

Find My iPhone
For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple Watch, and Air Pods
Much like the TV remote, it seems like we’re always setting our phone down somewhere, forgetting where we left it, and then engaging the family in a search party to find it. If you own an Apple device, this phone-finding feature can help you find your missing device. There are also safeguards to protect your personal information in case your phone is stolen.

Voice Aloud Reader
For Android
Are you having a hard time reading small text on your phone screen? Our eyesight isn’t what it used to be, but now Android users can rely on Voice Aloud Reader to read texts aloud from the internet, emails, messages, and even text files.

For iPad
As our parents age, more and more of us are dealing with their memory loss and dementia conditions. This app is specifically designed for patients with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. More than a collection of mental exercises, Clevermind also includes tools for social networking, nutrition, and medical information.

For iPhone, iPad, and Android
If you travel alone or like to hike or camp on your own, have you ever thought about your personal safety when going solo? This app is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive safety apps around. An alarm can be activated to send time-stamped audio and video to your family members. Your family can also trace your location and pre-set timers can send an alarm if you don’t check in by a certain time.

Hopefully, these apps will help you become more comfortable with today’s technology and keep you safe and in touch with friends and family. If you enjoy connectivity and enriching experiences, you will love our thoughtfully-designed communities at OakwoodLife. Here you’ll make meaningful connections, experience new hobbies, and enjoy resort-style living. We’re here to help you celebrate being on the plus side of 55. Reach out to us today!