Brighten Up Your Home with Plants

August 9, 2019
OakwoodLife Blog - Add Houseplants

Vibrant and fresh, houseplants can truly liven up a dreary room with a naturally soothing quality that makes them perfect for a home office or bedroom. Whether you’re into big leafy plants or prickly cacti, it’s time to harness the power of plants as an element of your interior décor.

Read on for tips to get you started.

Botanical Décor Ideas

If you’re not a fan of traditional headboards, line the top of your bed frame with a few potted plants, such as a palm or umbrella plant. Drape long, hanging plants from high shelves for dramatic effect, find an empty corner in a sunny room and turn it into a plant sanctuary, or simply fill the space with an oversized potted tree. You can also get creative with the pots — use geometric shapes in your design or paint them all the same color. This article has several fantastic ways to bring a little green into your living space.

Plants That Purify

It’s been proven that certain plants can improve indoor air quality by removing the build-up of pollutants. The Peace Lily is pretty *and* powerful — it removes benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, ammonia, and more from the air you breathe. The Chinese Evergreen and spider plant also work to keep your lungs free and clear of toxins while sprucing up your home. Learn more about these marvelous plants that earn their keep.

Houseplant Care

Most houseplants are undemanding and easy to grow, but they do require a little TLC every now and then. Make sure each plant has the right amount of light and make sure to buy pots with drainage holes so they don’t drown when you water them. Regularly dust and groom their leaves and blooms and check on them every once in a while for signs of trouble. With just a little maintenance, you’ll keep your indoor plants thriving and looking beautiful.

Faux Flora

Not everyone has a green thumb — and for those of us who lack the ability to keep a real plant alive, displaying fake plants is no longer a social faux pas as they have actually become quite fashionable. Today’s fake houseplants have come a long way from the waxy flora of yore, and you may even have a hard time telling the difference between real and synthetic. When shopping for your faux foliage, stick to plastic over fabric and find options with thoughtful details that feel organic.

Are you feeling inspired to sprinkle a little green around your new home? Here at Oakwood Life, we’re motivated by well thought-out design and energy efficiency. We believe that houseplants enhance our gorgeous home interiors and help bring a little of the outside world indoors in a healthy and rewarding way. We hope you take advantage of all the natural light pouring in your windows to start your own indoor greenhouse.