Cool Ideas for Winter

January 28, 2020
Snowy Welcome

We’ve found two types of people during winter: those who see the cold as a time to play outside in the snow, and those who would rather stay inside with a cup of hot cocoa next to their fireplace. No matter your preference, we’ve rounded up the best seasonal hacks to make this your best winter yet.

Keep Puddles Off the Floor

You won’t find anything worse than walking into the house in your boots only to find puddles of melted snow on your floor later. Luckily, here’s simple DIY fix — a pebble boot tray! You can make the tray out of objects you already have around the house — like an old cookie sheet — but you can also craft it out of dollar store items if you don’t happen to have polished river rocks lying around.

Shave Sweater Pills with a Razor

We love any excuse to cuddle into our favorite sweater this time of year, but between washing, wearing, and storage, bad pills can take over! If you have a sweater suffering from pills, don’t fret — we’ve found a very easy solution. A sharp razor can shave those pills right off but won’t damage your sweater in the process. Your sweater will be looking brand-new again in no time!

Beauty Hacks

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin and hair for both men and women, so it’s important to know exactly how to combat the elements to keep you hydrated, healthy, and happy. Setting up a humidifier in your bedroom and using thicker lotions can dramatically help your skin, but did you know that using a dryer sheet on your hairbrush can tame your wild, static-filled hair? Try out easy DIY scrubs for dry skin, wearing thick socks after putting lotion on your feet, and using hairspray on a toothbrush for your flyaways to round out your beauty routine this winter.

Energy-Efficient Homes

Did you know that all Oakwood Homes are built beyond industry-leading energy requirements? In an Oakwood Home, you’ll use 39% less energy and be 20% more water efficient just from the improvements and upgrades we’ve made to our homes. You could save hundreds each year on utility bills alone! Plus, all OakwoodLife homes are low-maintenance — which means you can spend less time shoveling snow and more time playing in it!

Whether you’re bundled up outdoors or cozy by the fire inside, the most basic adjustments can make a huge difference for getting you through winter. What are your favorite winter hacks? Tell us how you make it through the snowy months on our Facebook page!