Cut the Clutter

December 5, 2018

Get a fresh start for 2019!

Take a look at your house with fresh eyes. Do you have rooms where you can’t see the floor through piles of stuff? Do people jokingly refer to your closet as a “black hole?” Do you hear the theme song from the TV show “Hoarders” every time you go into your storage room?

We understand – personal items and “projects” get set to the side or shoved behind a door and before you know it, you have giant hairballs of objects taking up space in the cabinets, closets and corners of your home. But once the holidays are over and life slows down a bit, take time to purge these stashes and start off the new year with a fresh, open, and clear home.

Your Clothing Closet

It’s time to let go of those clothes that you think you’re going to wear one day, but…. it’s been years. If you haven’t worn a clothing item in two years, put it in the donate pile. Also, take out the “skinny” clothes you swear you’re going to fit back into one day. Give pieces in good condition to a local nonprofit and drop worn-out clothes in a textile recycling bin. If you have any coats or winter accessories that consistently go unworn, definitely donate these items now while people could really use them. Starting next year, every time you buy new clothing, remove an older clothing item from your closet and donate it.

Linen Closet

Do you have piles of older sheet sets you hold onto “in case of emergency”? It’s okay to keep one set, but donate the rest. Sort through your towels and blankets as well. Used linens can be donated to a local animal shelter or veterinarian. (Call first to check.)

Upstairs Hall Closet

Ah yes – the catch-all closet of the home. (Or, if you’re in a one-story, this could be your attic or basement.) This is where you probably store your gift wrap supplies. Definitely wade through this pile and sort out the bits of ribbon and scraps of wrapping paper you didn’t throw out last season. Roll up any usable gift wrap around a paper towel tube and secure it with a rubber band. If you store arts and crafts supplies here, pull them all out and toss the broken pens, markers, and crayons, and anything else that will never get used. Try sorting items in clear containers and label everything. A neat shelf filled with organized supplies is always inviting to use.

Children’s Toy Closet (or Toy Bin)

Clearing out older toys is a lot easier after the holidays, when kids have all-new toys to play with. Throw out toys that have missing or broken parts, donate toys that are outgrown, and give away the ones that were a “flash-in-the-pan” trend. Give your kids the same rule that you have for your closet: Every time they receive a new toy, they have to donate a used one.

The Pantry

After the feasting and cookie baking sessions of the holiday season, the last week of December is a good time to clear out overbought, unused, and stale items. Grab a big trash bag and dump out any inedible food, and then keep a box handy for unopened, unexpired food to take to your local food bank.

Once you’ve tackled the clutter in your home, take a deep breath and appreciate your newly fresh space! At OakwoodLife, we believe that, when it comes to space, quality wins over quantity. And we hope you are loving every well-designed inch of your new Oakwood home.