How to Decorate a Welcoming Entryway

January 29, 2019
Home Entryway

First impressions are everything, right? So your entryway to your home should get a little more attention than just a welcome mat. After all, this is the room that greets your guests and beckons them to come in and feel at home.

Your friends at OakwoodLife  have come up with some ideas to turn your vestibule into a room that reflects your sense of style. Hopefully one or two of these will give you the inspiration you need to give your entrance a little personality:

Bring on the Bold

Let your entry scream “Go big or go home!” with brazen and eclectic décor. A bold red color painted on the wall or – even better – the ceiling! An oversized piece of art hanging over a vintage table. A gold, ‘70s era chandelier. And a shaggy, animal print rug. Find some intriguing conversation pieces and plant them by your door.

Make it Useful

If you’re a busy household, it makes more sense to have a practical entryway. Built-in cubbies, hooks, shelves, and baskets help cut the clutter, and you definitely want a bench and shoe storage for bad weather days so no one is trekking mud and leaves into the house. Add a mirror for that last-minute hair check before you run out the door.

Go Wild with Wallpaper

Let the walls do the talking. Find an impactful wallpaper pattern and cover the walls, including any walls that follow up a staircase. Keep any furniture or décor pieces small and simple in contrast. Or go with a black-and-white wallpaper pattern and accent the entry with a purple chair or a yellow console. Or both!

Rustle up Some Rustic

If you love the outdoors, consider a rustic vibe to your entry. Populate the floor and the counters with wicker baskets. Add in distressed wood furniture. Cover the floor with a natural textured or jute rug. And then add as many plants as you can handle.

As you enter into the next chapter of your life, consider your home’s entryway as a place to celebrate the freedom and opportunity of 55 and better living.

Are you feeling it? Do any of these ideas speak to you? We hope so. And if you decide to go for it and renovate your entryway, please send us the before and after photos. We love seeing how creative our residents can be when it comes to decorating their homes.