Get Crafty with the Grandkids

February 19, 2019
Painting with Grandkids

With spring break and Easter weekend coming up these next few weeks, chances are good you have family coming to visit, especially now that you live in a beautiful, resort-style home in a gorgeous Oakwood community. Can you blame them?

At Oakwood, we’re all about making meaningful connections, so we wanted to provide you with a few ideas on putting quality in that time you spend with your relatives, especially your grandkids, when they come to town.

Terra Cotta Makeover

If your patio is filled with various terra cotta planters, or if your local garden store runs them on sale, grab a few and bring them inside for a wonderful upgrade. You can spray paint them gold, decoupage with a gorgeous fabric, cover them in pastel chalk paint, or use markers to create a pattern or design. The end result – gorgeous patio décor that will always make you smile when you look at it.

Paper Pom-Poms

Since spring is coming, why not welcome it with large, Dahlia-like paper flowers? These are easy to make and will brighten up any room. All you need is tissue paper in your favorite floral colors, floral wire, and scissors.

Geometric Wall Art

Maybe what your Oakwood home needs is some modern art to adorn your wall. And while it’s easy to craft, you’ll need a few volunteers to go with you to the local hardware store and pick out paint chips for your grid pattern. After that, it comes together to form a gorgeous work of art. And all of the “artists” involved can proudly admire their work!

Mason Jar Bank

Is the family saving up money for a big trip this year? Then help the grandkids save for their own souvenirs by helping them create a travel-themed Mason jar bank to collect loose change. You can even add a handmade luggage tag as a nice touch.

We hope this gives you inspiration to find ways to connect with your younger generations. At Oakwood, we believe life is just more fun with friends and family. And this year, we hope you make a lot of memories filled with laughter, life, and love.