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How to Approach Making Friends in 55 Plus Communities in Utah

February 7, 2023
55 plus couples making friends enjoying dinner

As you try to settle into your new home at one of the 55 plus communities Utah has available, you might find that making friends easier than you though. There are many great events and activities you can take part in to find interesting people to engage with. You’re likely to find that some of them have a lot in common with you.


One of the best ways to approach making friends at 55 plus communities near Salt Lake City, Utah, is to suggest activities, sports and games. You’ll find that, even though some people prefer to keep to themselves rather than doing the inviting, they will be more than happy to engage once they see someone else suggesting a new activity. All you’ll need is a good icebreaker.


Joining a book club or a chess club – as well as any other intellectual or artistic pursuit – can help you make friends in no time. Moreover, if you want new friends who will talk about interesting topics, these types of clubs and events are the kind of thing you need to look for.


Finally, simply working out, going on walks or sitting in one of the common spaces, will help you find interesting people willing to talk and engage. Fifty-five and older communities in Utah have a lot of friendly people that won’t hesitate to make you feel welcome.