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Pickleball: Funny Name, Serious Fun for 55 and Older Communities in Colorado (and Beyond!)

July 1, 2022
pickleball for active communities

pickleball for active communitiesThis racquet sport has gained incredible popularity in the active retirement communities in Colorado, Utah, and across the United States. And for good reason.

Although invented in the sixties, there has been a sudden surge in recent years of an addictive sport known as Pickleball. While the origin of the name is uncertain, some say the funny-sounding sport comes from the name of the inventor’s dog, Pickles. Others state that the name comments on the hodgepodge of sports that Pickleball combines, just like a “pickle boat” in the sport of crew. Regardless of the unique name, the low barrier to entry and the competitive nature of the game has made it a popular sport for a wide range of people, from college students to seniors.

However, the real surge in the Pickleball frenzy exists within the 55 and over communities in Colorado, Utah, and across the United States. Seen as a chance to get active with a fun new outlet, these communities are pursuing the sport with vigor, viewing it as an opportunity to get outside, get active, and show their competitive side.

What is Pickleball (and why is it all the rage?)

Until recently, very few people were familiar with the sport of Pickleball, but today you will see equipment, tournaments, and opportunities for skill improvement around every corner. There are several reasons why individuals are so drawn to the sport:

Simple To Learn

Pickleball is a unique blend of badminton, tennis, and ping pong, and can be played either indoors or outdoors on a court that it smaller than a tennis court. The rules are simple and easy to learn, making it fun to play whether you are an old pro, or it is your first time on a Pickleball court. Additionally, the game can be played either with singles or doubles, meaning you only need two players to get a game going.

Low Barrier to Entry

Pickleball does not require any expensive gear or extensive training and this ease of entry is one of the reasons it has gained such popularity in recent years. The equipment needed is straightforward, and can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, and even online.

Ready to play? Here’s what you need:

  • A Pickleball Paddle
  • A Pickleball (Small plastic ball with holes)
  • A Pickleball net/court
  • A friend to play with (or two or three)
  • A good attitude (and maybe a competitive spirit!)


Easy to Get Involved

Another benefit of the game of Pickleball is how easy it is to access opportunities to play!  For those who are ready to take their game to the next level, Colorado hosts a variety of Pickleball tournaments each year that provide competitions for a variety of skill levels.

For those with a more laid-back approach to the sport, there are still ways to get involved. Rec centers, 55 plus communities in Colorado and Utah, and parks with courts provide a casual environment for friendly competition and a chance to get moving.

Pickleball in Active Adult Communities in Colorado and Utah at OakwoodLife

Providing an energetic environment for playful learning and inspirational growth has always been a priority at OakwoodLife. That’s why there are multiple courts within every OakwoodLife community; they provide a chance for homeowners to try something new, regardless of age or experience!

From the experienced athlete to the new participant ready for some active fun, Pickleball provides a unique opportunity to connect with your community in a healthy way. While we can’t guarantee any tournament wins, we can guarantee plenty of laughs along the way.