Revisit Your Youth

March 12, 2019
Happy Couple with Computer

Those of us who are 55 and better like to think about our past — it’s a feel-good place for us. We enjoy reminiscing about our childhood days. Remember your first day of school? Your first crush? Your favorite band? Recalling these times is a wonderful nostalgic escape from the mundane as well as a rewarding refresher on how things used to be. Revisiting the past can also be healing — people with memory deficits can benefit from recalling or documenting incidents and relationships from their personal histories.

If you’re looking for ways to revisit your own fond memories, you can start online. Your friends at Oakwood Life have found a few websites that can take you back to the halcyon days of your youth or maybe even bring back a wonderful memory you completely forgot about!

Who knows what vintage treasures lurk in the heart of the internet? Oakwood Life knows. Welcome back to the golden age of radio! Before television and computers, radio provided entertainment by presenting plays and programs featuring mystery, intrigue, news, and comedy. On this site, you’ll find some of the most popular radio programs from the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s. Some recommended favorites include vintage commercials, CBS Radio Mystery Theater, Abbott and Costello, and The Shadow.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for some of your favorite pop culture moments from your younger days, YouTube is an excellent resource to find concert footage, music videos, and even clips from treasured movies and TV shows. You can find Elvis swinging his hips to “Jailhouse Rock,” Nancy Sinatra strutting her stuff in “These Boots are Made For Walkin’,” and even the most dramatic scenes from Gone With the Wind.


Sometimes the smell or taste of a certain dish can bring you right back to the family kitchens of your youth. While there isn’t a single website that collects each of those specific childhood recipes, we found a few that can help. You can peruse the best-selling cookbooks from each decade and see if any seem familiar. If your parents were always entertaining guests, you might recognize these popular party recipes from the ‘60s. Lastly, here are some amazing vintage recipes from the 1950s that are still worth trying today.

The Library

If you’ve been digging online but still can’t find a book, movie, or song that you used to love back in your childhood, check out your nearest  library branch to see if it’s in their catalogue. You can also search online to peruse their entire collection of books, magazines, music, and videos.

Are you enjoying this walk down memory lane? We sure hope so! Next time you gather with friends and family members, try whipping out a few old photo albums to relive the magic by taking everyone through some of your favorite memories and experiences.