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Safety Tips for Taking Outdoor Walks in the Winter

December 13, 2022
Winter Walks Communities Over 55 Safety Guidelines

Life in 55 plus communities in Colorado brings you closer to nature. Away from busy cities full of noisy cars and concrete buildings, you can enjoy a closer connection with the great outdoors.


But you want to be careful and stay safe when going out for a walk in the winter. Here are some helpful tips to remember:


  1. Wear Boots with Non-Skid Soles

You can find various types of winter boots with non-skid soles. Some of them are specialized for hikers, but you can also find even better options for walking like trail shoes. Non-skid boots or shoes are essential, because you can always encounter an ice sheet hidden under a fresh dusting of snow.


  1. Pay Attention to Steps and Walkways

Steps and walkways are frequently cleared during winter in over 55 communities in Colorado. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Hold the handrail firmly and step carefully. After all, you are going for a walk, so there is no need to hurry.


  1. Always Carry a Mobile Phone with You

Even if you avoid a trip or a fall, you may find yourself or someone else in difficulty otherwise. That is why you should always take your mobile phone. You may need to call for assistance. Otherwise, you can take photos of the beautiful landscape around you!