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Sports Played in Active Adult Communities in Colorado

January 23, 2023
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Active adult communities in Colorado, as well as local 55+ communities that OakwoodLife offers, have a lot of great amenities, including some sports. Sports like pickleball, table tennis or golf provide you with the chance to have some genuine outdoor fun.


Pickleball is a common sport practiced at local Colorado Springs communities. The sport is highly engaging and fun, and it’s less demanding than some of the more popular ball games like tennis. Nevertheless, it still offers an excellent opportunity for a good workout.


Table tennis is another great sport that doesn’t require that much moving around, but can really help you get your cardio workout done quickly. A fun game that also tests the limits of your reflexes and cognition, table tennis can be a local favorite, and you’ll find people living in and around 55+ communities who might just be up to the challenge of playing.


Golf is both relaxing and engaging. If you already live in a 55+ community, you should definitely check out some of the local golf courses, and call on your friends and neighbors to join you.