Summer Crafts with the Grandkids

July 11, 2019
Activities with Grandkids

Now that summer vacation is in full swing, your grandkids are free to visit and spend long sunny days at your beautiful home in SpringHouse Village. As happy as you’ll be to see them, you know that their boundless energy will require as many attention-occupying activities as possible.

One way to spend quality time with your younger family members is to plan some fun craft projects they can do indoors — or out on your gorgeous patio. Whether your grandkid is a budding artist or just needs a distraction, these activities will help create memories (and art pieces) you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Paint With Ice

Get super creative while staying cool in the summer heat: All you need for this craft is water, food coloring, popsicle sticks, and an ice cube tray. You can enjoy this fun activity one-on-one or with a larger group of kids. Everyone will have a blast creating colorful landscapes on paper with these icy paintbrushes!

Ice Block Treasure

Need an activity that will keep the kiddos busy for about an hour? This treasure hunt is perfectly chill for a sweltering day. Protip: It’s advisable to make a separate ice block for each grandkid with age-appropriate toys so they’re not fighting over who gets what.

Paper Plate Llamas

Who doesn’t love llamas? If you have grandkids who are four-legged creature enthusiasts, they’ll enjoy putting together these paper plate llamas. Just make sure you pick out acrylic paints in their favorite colors and watch them get creative!

DIY Unicorn Dreamcatcher

This inspired craft is as simple as wrapping yarn around an embroidery hoop then adding all kinds of texture and variety by accessorizing with various colors, ribbons, and yarn. You can even add a glitter paper or felt horn!

Shaving Cream Fireworks

These little creations for little tykes are as fun to make as they are to display! Whether your grandkids are toddlers or preschoolers, it’s messy fun for everyone that doesn’t require many supplies.

These projects should help you keep your smallest family members busy this summer while creating wonderful moments to look back on for years to come. At Springhouse Village, we believe life is simply better with family time — and we hope this upcoming summer vacation will be one to remember.