Wine, Beer, and Cider Tasting for 55 and Over Communities in Colorado

October 4, 2022
Wine and beer tasting

From outdoor experiences to trendy hubs in the heart of the city, Colorado is home to some incredible tastings for the 55 and over demographic.

Wine and beer tasting

Do you love to sip a crisp Chardonnay on a late summer day, or try the latest and greatest new creation from the local brewhouse? Whether you are an avid beer drinker, a sophisticated wine connoisseur, or prefer the sober variety when it comes to your drinks, there is something for everyone in Colorado’s bustling social scene.

For those in 55 and over communities in Colorado (or those who are looking for a fun getaway, the Centennial State provides boundless opportunities to sip unique drinks. An added bonus? The natural beauty you are sure to find when visiting these scenic locales.

The Brewery Experience

Let’s face it, after a day traversing the rugged Rocky Mountains, nothing is better than an ice-cold beer. Aurora is home to some incredible craft culture with creative breweries that brew right there on one site. Better yet, many of these breweries are just moments away from The Reserve, so you can easily meet up with friends, enjoy a pint, and plan for your next adventure.

Looking to make a day out of a brewery tour? Coors Brewery is a Colorado favorite, located in the stunning town of Golden. See where the beer is produced, learn a bit about the Coor’s history, and take a moment to try some of Colorado’s finest amongst the aspens in this quaint almost-mountain town.

The Outdoor Experience

For those who prefer their fruits to their grains, Colorado offers a wide range of wine festivals year-round. Working some of these experiences into your calendar is a great way to see more of the beloved state while enjoying a glass or two in the process. Our personal favorites that allow you to soak in the gorgeous Colorado sun, along with a glass of Pinot? The Breckenridge Wine Classic and Winter Park Uncorked can’t be beaten.

If you love the food scene (as well as the drinks scene) Colorado comes prepared to deliver! With a variety of food and drink festivals held across the most pristine outdoor environments, you will wonder if you can ever have dinner indoors again. (And with the 300 days of sunshine that Colorado offers, you may not have to!)

The Sober Experience

If you are part of the 55 and over community that prefers a sober lifestyle, rest assured that you will not be left out of the mix. Colorado provides a variety of opportunities for individuals who prefer not to imbibe. In fact, Denver recently opened Awake Denver, affectionately known as America’s alcohol-free bar. So if you love socializing and the pub-like atmosphere without the alcohol (or hangover) this is for you.

Let’s not forget that food is half the fun when it comes to the tasting experience, and A Taste of Colorado provides arts and crafts and enough food to keep any individual’s taste buds tingling. This provides a perfect getaway for drinkers and sober friends alike to enjoy the beauty and culture that downtown Denver has to offer.

OakwoodLife: The Next Chapter of Life for 55 and Over Communities in Colorado (and Beyond!)

At OakwoodLife, we believe that those in the 55 and over demographic are in for some of the best years of their lives. That’s why we provide a variety of amenities and resources so you can live out your passion, whether that includes turquoise swimming pools and top-of-the-line fitness centers, or access to a thriving social and cultural scene, complete with wine, beer, and cider tastings in the gorgeous Colorado landscape.

If you would like to learn more about what it means to be part of our 55 and over community, or are interested in additional resources about the latest and greatest that Colorado has to offer, reach out! We can’t wait to help you make this the best chapter yet.