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Your Next Trip is Calling: OakwoodLife’s 55 and Over Communities in Colorado Make Travel Easier than Ever

July 13, 2022
55+ traveling

55+ travelingPack your bag and book your ticket, The Reserve 55-plus community near Denver is only minutes away from DIA, and moments from your next adventure.

Whether your idea of an ideal vacation is hiking blue glaciers or relaxing with white sand between your toes, OakwoodLife’s 55 and older community in Colorado known as The Reserve makes your next adventure easier to get to than ever. Just fifteen minutes from Denver International Airport, and with access to the convenient RTD Light Rail system, it has never been simpler to explore the world, visit loved ones, or set off on your next big adventure.

Location, Location, Location

Convenience isn’t the only aspect that ignites the passion for travel, but it can definitely help! Nestled in spacious Aurora, Colorado – the Reserve’s prime location allows residents to easily travel both domestically and abroad. So what does it look like to live so close to such a large epicenter for travel?  Read on to learn more!

About Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport (DIA) is a large airport that hosts 23 different airlines, and services 215 destinations, making it the third busiest airport in the world! The airport offers flights directly to North America, South America, Asia, and Europe, providing passengers with travel across the globe.


But come prepared with plenty of time… DIA recommends travelers arrive 2 hours before their flight to navigate the large terminals.

Taking the Light Rail

The city’s public electric train transportation, known as the RTD Light Rail, is a simple and economic alternative for travel to DIA. Residents can easily plan their trip on Denver’s substantial Light Rail system with a network of routes that have the ability to take travelers from Aurora to the front steps of the terminal without the hassle of airport parking.

Travels, Near and Far

Not only is The Reserve a short distance from the airport, but also allows individuals to effortlessly enter the hubbub of Denver, or quickly access the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. No matter what your travel plans look like, The Reserve makes getting to your destination easier than ever before.

Spark Your Inspiration

Rediscover your love of adventure with resources that remind you just how exciting it can be to explore! You may just find that 300 days of sunshine and an active community spark your excitement for seeing the world.

Prepare for Your Next Adventure

OakwoodLife’s 55-plus communities in Colorado provide a variety of amenities that may inspire your greatest trip yet! Planning on trekking the Andes? Get in shape at the clubhouse’s state-of-the-art fitness center, movement studio with on-demand fitness, on the miles of community trails designed for hiking and jogging, or on a treadmill with varying speed and incline to practice for your big climb. Looking forward to a golf trip in Scottsdale?  OakwoodLife’s clubhouses provide high-tech golf simulators to help you perfect those incredibly long drives before your next excursion.

Whatever your interest, rest assured that The Reserve Community is equipped to support the journey ahead.

Connect with a new Travel Companion

55 and over communities in Colorado not only provide access to new ideas and activities but access to new friends. The homeowners pride themselves on the community aspect created at The Reserve. Traveling with a friend can provide companionship, safety, and an extra dose of laughter. Your newest neighbor or fellow early morning hiking partner could be seeking a fellow adventurer!


So go ahead, book that golf trip at the Ritz in Arizona and break in those hiking boots. With such proximity to the airport and ease of travel, you can spend time doing what matters: dreaming up your next experience.

Making the Most out of Active Adult Communities in Colorado

For the experienced traveler or those with their very first passport, an active retirement community in Colorado can provide you with the ease and flexibility to begin a new chapter of adventure in your life. From the convenience of The Reserve’s location to resources and a community that makes traveling accessible, we can’t wait to see where in the world you end up.