Embrace the Change of Seasons

September 17, 2019
Hello Fall

Throw on a scarf, lace up your boots, and grab that pumpkin spice-flavored beverage — because fall is here! It’s time to embrace everything that is amazing about this time of year, from the beautiful hues of changing leaves to the smell of crackling fires. Whether you live in SpringHouse VillageFairway Villas, or anywhere else in the world we have plenty of suggestions to help you celebrate autumn to the fullest.

Go on a spectacular fall hike

Venture into the wilderness and wander under gorgeous displays of honey gold, bright green, and rusty red leaves. Bells Canyon Falls is a moderate hike along a beautiful reservoir and through wide meadows. If you want a bit more of a workout, Lake Blanche takes hikers past a gorgeous lake and offers awesome views of Big Cottonwood Canyon — full of ideal picnic spots.

Preserve the colors of fall with pressed leaves

Keep the beauty of autumn in your home year-round with your own personal display of fall foliage. Choose among several methods for preserving leaves — including heavy books, wax paper, microwave, silica gel, and glycerin — and ensure you select the right types of leaves to begin with. For the most vivid colors, try leaves from aspen, black gum, ginkgo, maple, sourwood, sassafras, and sweetgum trees.

Fill your house with the scent of pie-spiced apple fritters

One of the best parts about fall is smelling aromas drifting out of kitchens, particularly those of the cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin variety. Why not bring that smell into your own home? These fritters are a simple version of apple pie that will make your mouth water the moment they come out of the fryer oil. Be sure you make enough of these crowd-pleasers for everyone!

Make a paper strip pumpkin with the grandkids

Saturday afternoons are the perfect time to do a crafting project with grandchildren — and we found a fall-themed activity that’s easy and only uses a few supplies. All you need is orange and green construction paper, scissors, and a glue stick… and maybe a plate full of pumpkin spice muffins for inspiration.

Can you already feel the cooler air, hear the crunch of leaves under your feet, and taste the apple cider? Fall is also a smart time of year to travel, so check out our “best of” list for autumn adventures. Please take as many pictures you can and share them with us — we love seeing how much our community embraces the changing seasons!